Stay at Home Mum - Survey Panel
Earn cash, give your opinion, and have a voice from home!

Stay at Home Mum have partnered with market research technology firm Cint to offer SAHM members an opportunity to give their opinion through paid online research surveys. Surveys could be on products, services, and government policy and are run in accordance with the Australian Market and Social Research Society guidelines ensuring responses are anonymous and data is protected.

Surveys take between 5 and 25 minutes to complete and offer rewards from $1 to $5 (and sometimes more) which are paid out via PayPal and can easily spent on-line, transferred to your bank account, or perhaps even your kids first savings account!

Survey topics and tasks are as varied as there are businesses in Australia, but each survey has been designed in order to find out about you (as a parent) think.

By registering here you agree to receive survey invitations, agreed to provide honest responses to surveys, and acknowledge that you can decline the invitation or unregister from the panel at any time. Membership of the SAHM Survey Panel has no bearing on your ongoing membership of the wider SAHM community.

Once registered we suggest you update your member profile. This data is owned by SAHM and used to ensure we send only relevant surveys that we think you will qualify for.

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